Paid Search - Our First Love, Your Best Foot Forward

High click-through rates, impressions and conversions.
Low acquisition costs (or “click costs”).
 What’s critical for today’s businesses is all-in-a-day’s-work for Egg to Apples.

We’ve been in the paid search game – also known as search engine marketing - for almost twenty years, when AdWords was just a wee baby and we were pretty wet behind the ears, too.
We watched it evolve into the behemoth it’s become, picking up endless insights and lessons and parlaying our paid search agency prowess into serious growth for clients. Along the way, we’ve become a Google Partner and Bing Ads Accredited Professional. Google reps frequently tell us that we skew toward the higher end of negative keywords, eliminating wasted ad spending and helping each client dollar go further toward positive results.

Paid search pays off

 Rigorous research needs to happen before we make a single move. Once a vision and strategy are set, our team deploys keywords and ad copy – but not before making sure you’re set up for optimal returns.  Clients appreciate our digital audit that calls out any obstacles in the way of paid search’s impact, like a site whose setup means it won’t convert.

 Once paid search is deployed using automated tools, we become the human version of hawks, scouring for any disconnect between what consumers are searching and what you offer. From there we drive results and pass along insights to you – an example of the power of merging digital functions with common sense! Going the extra mile for clients is often the critical difference between a so-so campaign and one that soars – and also sets up campaigns for long-term impacts rather than short-term splashes.